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Calculate the cooking time for your Sunday roast by simply entering the weight of the meat into our Time to Roast app for Apple iPhone and iPad. Quickly see the temperature and cooking times, read the easy to follow instructions or use the alarms to remind you when everything needs doing.

Includes information for traditional roasts such as beef, lamb, pork, turkey and chicken as well as once in a while treats like goose or duck.

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Key Features

  • Quick and easy to use interface make setting up cooking a snap
  • Select the size of the roast and your cooking preference (for red meats)
  • Choose from
    • Beasts: Beef, Lamb, Pork
    • Birds: Chicken, Duck, Goose, Turkey
  • Cooking times summarised in an easy to read table
  • Full cooking instructions with tests to check the meat is cooked
  • Alarms either to start cooking now or to get the roast ready for a specific time

Configure the app with the settings you want to use:

  • Temperature - °C or °F
  • Weight - kgs or lbs
  • Oven Type - Gas, Fan or Conventional
  • Oven Preheat Time

Download Time to Roast from the App Store

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Time to Roast summary screen
Time to Roast settings screen
Time to Roast selection screen iPad


The app has been featured:

  • No. 1 selling Food and Drink app, Christmas 2013 and 2012, No. 2 Christmas 2014
  • In the Independent newspaper 'The 10 Best apps for foodies', Aug 2012
  • In the Apple iTunes 'Apps for Foodies' feature June 2011
  • On the Channel 4 website in the 'Top 10 food apps' May, 2011.
  • In the Apple iTunes 'In the kitchen' feature March 2011.
  • As an 'App of the Month' in T3 magazine, Christmas 2010 issue.
  • In the Apple iTunes 'Festive Cooking Apps' feature in December, 2010

The app has been getting some great reviews:

  • "Perfect roast (5 out of 5), Great app, makes it easy to calculate a perfect roast" by Insortediaboli
  • "Great app (5 out of 5), Very useful and easy to use - does exactly what it says it does!!" by SueRich
  • "Just what I need (5 out of 5), No more burnt dry chicken, great app" by Christopher Porter
  • "An incredibily helpful app that all amateur chefs should consider downloading", Apps Magazine, January 2011
  • "It has a simple as pie interface, with direct, easy to read instructions, and is sure to guide you to making the best roast of your life", 148apps.com
  • "App of the week" (5 out of 5), accidental-locavore.com