About the Time to Roast app

The Time to Roast app came out of an idea to build something to show off our app development skills.  We put up lot's of ideas on the whiteboard in the lab and, with the help one of our wifes, picked a cooking app as the place to start.  A lot of hard work and a number of interface iterations and we were ready to put our app up on the store.  A few weeks after launch we were featured by Apple and the app took off with a life of it's own. 

The app was built by our expert software development team at The Boffin Lab who specialise in building apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices and also in apps for the web.  We started creating apps in 2009 and build with the same care for both ourselves and our customers.  Take a look at our fantastic Stroke Builder app to teach you better front crawl swimming, our UK GIS iPad tool, Postcode-Atlas to manage your sales and marketing plans, or visit our website at http://www.theboffinlab.com/service/smartphone-app-development to find out more information about our services.

We provide a full design and build service and deliver a fully tested app for you to launch onto the app stores.