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Alarms not sounding?

For alarms to be sounding they need to be enabled in iOS Notification center.

The Notification center can be configured in the Settings app.  Drill into the notifications settings and then configure Time to Roast settings so that

  • it is enabled in the Notification center
  • the 'Alert Style' is set to 'Alerts' or 'Banners'
  • 'Sounds' is turned 'On'
  • 'View in Lock Screen' is turned 'On'


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App Versions

Current Release

  • v1.8 Bug fixes

Previous Releases

  • v1.7 Bug fixes
  • v1.6 App interface re-designed for iOS7. Streamlined summary display and app alarms.  New interface layout for iPad.  Same great timings and settings options. 
  • v1.5 Allow larger weights i.e. BIG turkeys, Show both Gas Mark and °C/°F for Gas ovens, Tweaked the timings for Chicken and Pork, Fixed issue so that alarms are silenced if using banner notifications, Added information about Notification Center settings required for Alarms to work, Added rating request
  • v1.4: Fixed Issue with alarm display on iPads
  • v1.3: Bug fixes
  • v1.2: Alarms added, new Information screen, updated configuration options
  • v1.1: Bug fixes
  • v1.0: Initial Release